our approach.

Jeremy takes photos is a professional photography studio specialising in tailored commercial photography and ongoing content creation for social media. Our photographs help grow your business image and our ongoing content creation services will build you a sustainable and profitable social media presence.

Your image is your client’s first impression. Our commercial photographers help you stand out from the crowd by taking a uniquely business-oriented approach to commercial photography. We help you build your unique business image by focusing on your brand, image and marketing.

We want to get to know your business first. You talk, we listen. We then combine your ideas and requirements with our design expertise and photographic experience to create the right image for you in the marketplace. We want you to enjoy your photo shoot so that your photographs are natural, not posed or stilted.

Our sole objective is to help you build your business. We have experience in commercial projects ranging from small family businesses to large multinational corporations. We use our photography to drive ongoing content creation for your social media campaign and we’ll use our experience to help you thrive in the digital age.

That’s why when you hire a commercial photographer from Jeremy takes photos, your pictures will be worth far more than a million words.

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